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someweirdgirlsblog asked: Hey. I'm making a Usa-Chan for my Honey cosplay and I'm really interested on what fabric to use and how much? Thanks x:

I used polar fleece (I recommend the anti-pill kind) and you should probably get about 3/4 of a yard, just so there’s extra in case you need to re-cut a piece or something. I always overbuy my fabrics >_>

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girlieartist asked: I'm really excited to use your pattern for Usa-chan. I love Ouran and my little brother does also. (we cosplay as Takashi and Honey) I was given a Usa-chan plushy for Christmas, now my little brother wants one as well (because I'm a protective of mine) so I'm going to make him one. ^.^ (btw I love Zelda too. I have done a Princess Zelda cosplay)

aww that’s great!! I hope your brother loves his bunbun :3 i’d love to see pictures when you’re done~

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Anonymous asked: Hello, sorry if I'm being a bother but I'm using your usa-chan pattern and I can't quite figure out how to see his legs on. I assume the seam for the side of the leg should line up with the chest seam? I've managed to see everything else without a hitch. Thank you for the pattern by the way. :D

hey anon! the easiest way to put in the leg (not sure if you’ve done this already) is to sew the torso together (backs and fronts) and then sew the butt piece on, which will leave you with two holes. then line up the seam of the legs towards the inner “crotch” area, sewing the tubes to the body.

(and it’s the same process for the arms, but just make sure to point the arm seam down)

does that make sense I hope? *_*

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Anonymous asked: Could I please get your usachan pattern for my cosplay?? Please...

oh my god. i hate to sound rude but it’s like you guys don’t even bother reading my bloG http://femlink.tumblr.com/post/30480673647/i-love-your-usa-chan-xd-its-soooooo-cute-can-i-ask#notes

das as good as it gets, and i guess i should add a link to the pattern on the side bar to make it easier to find (even though it’s linked literally four posts down =n= and gOMEN i really don’t mean to sound rude! it’s been a rough day of people not paying attention to the things i say. don’t mean to take it out on you ;-; )

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whererandomthingscoalesce asked: So I'm a special being who only just worked out how to check the boxes to receive replies so I only just saw your reply.... Yeah I'm one of those people :P Anyway, point to this message is, if you didn't already see, I finished my Usa-Chan :) If you already did or I already messaged you and forgot I did then ignore this... but either way thanks a lot for the pattern, twas muchly appreciated

ahhhhhHHHHHH!!! HE TURNED OUT SO GREAT THOUGH!! ahh i’m happy XD thank you for showing me your final product, he looks so wonderful ^3^ i’m glad you were able to make sense of my pattern haha i hope he’s happy in his home! my usa-chan sends his love <3

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Anonymous asked: Can I get your pattern that you used to make Usa-Chan, please and thank you!

hey anon! sorry i just got around to this. BUT here’s a link to the post where i uploaded my usa-chan pattern http://femlink.tumblr.com/post/30480673647/i-love-your-usa-chan-xd-its-soooooo-cute-can-i-ask#notes

it’s not for the weak of heart or beginner of sewing, because it definitely requires some knowledge both of sewing and of how to put stuffed animals together— and i haven’t had time to make a tutorial for it yet. but i’m willing to do my best to answer any questions you might have! :)

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