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Anonymous asked: Could I please get your usachan pattern for my cosplay?? Please...

oh my god. i hate to sound rude but it’s like you guys don’t even bother reading my bloG http://femlink.tumblr.com/post/30480673647/i-love-your-usa-chan-xd-its-soooooo-cute-can-i-ask#notes

das as good as it gets, and i guess i should add a link to the pattern on the side bar to make it easier to find (even though it’s linked literally four posts down =n= and gOMEN i really don’t mean to sound rude! it’s been a rough day of people not paying attention to the things i say. don’t mean to take it out on you ;-; )

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whererandomthingscoalesce asked: So I'm a special being who only just worked out how to check the boxes to receive replies so I only just saw your reply.... Yeah I'm one of those people :P Anyway, point to this message is, if you didn't already see, I finished my Usa-Chan :) If you already did or I already messaged you and forgot I did then ignore this... but either way thanks a lot for the pattern, twas muchly appreciated

ahhhhhHHHHHH!!! HE TURNED OUT SO GREAT THOUGH!! ahh i’m happy XD thank you for showing me your final product, he looks so wonderful ^3^ i’m glad you were able to make sense of my pattern haha i hope he’s happy in his home! my usa-chan sends his love <3

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Anonymous asked: Can I get your pattern that you used to make Usa-Chan, please and thank you!

hey anon! sorry i just got around to this. BUT here’s a link to the post where i uploaded my usa-chan pattern http://femlink.tumblr.com/post/30480673647/i-love-your-usa-chan-xd-its-soooooo-cute-can-i-ask#notes

it’s not for the weak of heart or beginner of sewing, because it definitely requires some knowledge both of sewing and of how to put stuffed animals together— and i haven’t had time to make a tutorial for it yet. but i’m willing to do my best to answer any questions you might have! :)

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